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sustainable. celebrated.


Paying homage to the original fish and chip restaurant at the venue, Rupert & Hound was born from a desire to provide a refreshing, elegant and enjoyable seafood experience in Launceston.

The restaurant is owned by Karen and Stu Burbury, who are passionate about farming and family, community and creativity.

The moniker Rupert & Hound pays tribute to family and fermentation.

Rupert references their daughter who gave herself the pet name when she was young; while Hound refers to Hound Dog, the nickname jokingly bestowed on their son, who was rather partial to feeding like a hound as a baby!

Their nicknames grace the label of specially produced beers that are served at the restaurant – The Hound Dog Lager and Rupert’s Sour raspberry beer, which were designed as a legacy by Karen when she was critically ill.  Thankfully, her health has improved and now everyone can enjoy the unique beer, made in collaboration with Scottsdale’s boutique Little Rivers Brewery.

Rupert & Hound was first opened in 2019 as the sister restaurant of Cataract on Paterson, which started operations in 2013. The big sister had won over so many fans with its focus on innovative meals and desirable desserts, the family wanted to create a funky new restaurant to focus on their love of seafood and provide more employment opportunities for loyal staff.


Tasmania. An island of inspiration and innovation and, quite simply, home to the best produce in the world. It is our mission to deliver a taste of Tasmania to you on each and every plate. With a focus on travel footprint, at Rupert & Hound you are guaranteed the freshest product that has come directly from its source.

Our seafood is second to none and if it can’t be sustainably sourced from the waters surrounding our beautiful state, we bring you the best varieties available from Australian and New Zealand waters. And we only use the best grass-fed Tasmanian beef and lamb, free-range chicken and pasture-raised pork.

Our producers and suppliers are proud of what they do. They are focussed on sustainability and treat their animals with respect and care, allowing us to celebrate their fresh and flavoursome offerings with simple, yet stunning dishes.


Sustainability is not just a platitude at Rupert & Hound. It is at our very core. Our planet is precious, and we are happy to make sacrifices to conserve and improve the environment.

Ensuring we live up to our high standards, we source the most sustainable and ethically produced local ingredients possible, with an emphasis on minimal waste and reduced travel footprints.

We will never choose a product at the expense of the environment or our values. Our cooking oil is also collected and repurposed into biodiesel – what your fish and chips are cooked in today becomes fuel for the future! How cool is that!

Join us for Weekend Breakfast from 8.30am